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  Lip Augmentation  

Our Lip Fillers treatment is used to hydrate and plump up your lips as well as adding volume and at SG Aesthetics, we take pride in our lip treatments leaving a natural and fresh look.


Lip Fillers can enhance lip definition, creates a more defined smile, create bigger lips/increase the fullness of thin lips and give the mouth area a more youthful rejuvenated appearance.


Results: Instant

Treatment Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour


Durability: 6-9 months depending on the individual and lifestyle.

Please note that if it your first time having lip fillers you may require a top up after 3 months depending on your lifestyle and metabolism

0.5ml Juvederm

1ml Juvederm

0.5ml Restylane

1ml Restylane

1ml Juvederm Volbella